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Chicago IL 60615

Lillian’s’ Light and the caring one hundred organization is in memory of my grandmother, Lillian Wilkerson, who resided on East Hyde Park Blvd for over 45 years.

With a smile that was contagious and a heart as big as the universe, Lillian had a positive effect on everyone she met. She was first, last and always an old school mother, fiercely protective of her children and grandchildren! She placed her family above everything else. She welcomed family members into her home as they migrated to Chicago from the South, providing a place for them to sleep until they found a job and their own apartment.

She was very proud of the fact she lived directly across the street from former President, Barak Obama and refused to entertain any frustrations her neighbors felt because of the inconvenience of Secret Service Personnel. As a matter of fact, she always went across the street to talk to them.

She instilled in us that voting is a privilege and also our responsibility. She always had the opportunity to meet and speak directly with then Alderman and now Cook County Commissioner, Toni Preckwinkle at her local polling place on 52nd and Woodlawn.

Lillian’s devotion to her family, her community and her church was made evident through the life she lived. She possessed a rich history and served as a model for others to follow.


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